20 Ideas to Separate or Divide Spaces

20 Ideas to Separate or Divide Spaces

An open plan is nice and current, but it is not always practical. For this reason, solutions are sometimes required to divide and separate spaces, to give them privacy, to set limits, to create private spaces.Luckily, to separate or divide spaces there is the infinity of ideas and options; I have collected 20 ideas. Some more elaborate and expensive than others, simpler and faster to carry out. Let’s see them.

Wood Ribbons

Wood Ribbons - Separate Ideas

The wood slats are an excellent resource to separate and divide spaces. They can be used vertically, horizontally, make a lattice, create a sliding door, etc. Depending on the separation between lath and lath we will achieve more or less intimacy.


Jealousy - Separate Ideas

The lattices, whether of plaster, wood or any other material, are still in vogue for this task, to which they add, in addition, a decorative focal point.


Forging - Separate Ideas

One or several panels of a forge, with the decorative motif of our taste, is another resource that we can use to divide environments. Naturally, depending on the framework and the design of the forge, the separator will offer more or less intimacy.


Curtains - Separate Ideas

Another classic. The simplest to carry out and surely also the most economical. Curtains, whether translucent or opaque, everything depends on our demand.


Blooming  - Separate Ideas

Blooming is a separator of Dutch design environments, which functions as a curtain in which the fabric is a faceted lattice, where each piece can be rotated 360 degrees to adjust the passing light or provide the curtain with a different design.

It is practical, simple and very decorative, but its price is somewhat high.

Custom Furniture

Custom furniture - Separate Ideas

Any architect or interior designer would be happy to design a piece of furniture that divides spaces adapted to your needs.  One of the most functional solutions and where space is best used.


Shelves - Separate Ideas

With the shelves, we can also easily separate or divide spaces, letting light pass from one to another if we choose an open shelf, and giving each space a certain level of privacy.

Different Heights

Different Heights - Separate Ideas

Instead of separating spaces by a vertical format, we can also play with different levels of heights to define zones.

Mirror Tabique

mirror tabique - Separate Ideas

Another way in which we can divide environments is to first pull the wall and then raise a divider partition that does not completely divide the room, but leave a good step, and cover one side of the wall with a mirror sheet, to multiply the light and visually expand the space, as we see above these lines.

Middle Wall

Middle Wall - Separate Ideas

Practical and economic. A half wall or partition that reaches a certain height is another resource to separate spaces.

Vertical Supports for Plants

Vertical Pupports for Plants- Separate Ideas

Another beautiful and decorative way to divide environments is using some type of vertical support for plants.

Wooden Planks

Dividing ideas with wooden planks

As a bricolage, we can also create a wall or half wall with wooden planks, which acts as a separator of spaces, while providing warmth to the environment.

Interior Closures

interior closures - Separate Ideas

An effective and definitive solution. Interior enclosures are the order of the day. Glass paneled in an iron structure is what it takes.

By replacing a classic partition with an enclosure of this type, we will gain light and visual amplitude, and the two zones will remain independent.

Crystal Pavers

with crystal pavers divide

Another resource with which we can keep gaining light and providing privacy to the spaces when we divide them.


Dividing ideas with strings

A string curtain, in this case, made with natural fibers, tied to a support at both ends, act as a space separator.

Branches and Trunks

Dividing ideas with branches and trunks

Suitable trunks in size and length can become a perfect separator of environments.


Dividing ideas with metals

As with the ropes, but with metal bars, creating a kind of decorative grid that delimits and separates environments.


Dividing ideas with glass

Translucent, opaque, mirrors, classics. The world of glass brings us a lot of versatility when it comes to separating spaces.


Dividing ideas with screens

Another classic that could not be absent when it comes to separating environments. The classic screen, today rejuvenated and again at the tip of the vanguard. Very decorative, with a certain romantic charm and without the need of any work.


Dividing ideas with donkeys

The donkeys for clothes are another element that, once we have hung the clothes, will also act as a separator of spaces. A simple and relatively effective resource.

There are many ways to divide and separate spaces. Doing work or without having to do it, everything depends on our demands and economic resources. But it is not necessary to stay with an open floor plan if it is not what we want.

How do you separate the spaces? I read you in the comments.

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