For best eyeliner 20 tips

20 Tips for a Better Eyeliner

We asked the Lazy Panda Community to tell us the best tricks with eyeliner that they had tried. Here are some useful suggestions that really work:

1. Think about what works best for the shape of your eyes.

Think about what works best for the shape of your eyes.

Practice with the shape of your eyes. Certain shapes look better with different styles. Tracing the line from the bottom tab to the edge of the eyebrow and then filling in has always been the best trick. Impeccable outline in the shape of a wing all the holy days.

2. Start with a challenge

start challenge

First make the eye more difficult! Then it is easier to match the other eye.

3. Get the perfect wing by joining the points.

perfect wing

I achieve a wing of the correct angle by holding the eyeliner on the edge of the lip and aligning it with the end of the nose and then pressing down gently with the brush or tip to mark the angle. Then I connect the brand with the ends of the eyes, and it always works.

4. Avoid greasing your eyelids using a base or primer fixative.

Best eyeliner

Fix your eyelids and a matte shadow that matches the color of your skin. In this way, the eyelids are not so greasy, which will prevent the makeup from deteriorating and spreading everywhere.

5. Blot your wings, on purpose.

Purpose eyeliner

I have fallen eyes and together. The best suggestion for the eyeliner: It only reaches up to three-quarters of the way from the outside inwards in both the lower and upper eyelids. Make sure to use a fine pencil tip for the thinnest part of the line near the eyebrows. They cost me the wings and the flutter, for that reason normally I do not try to do them. I prefer to blot with darker eyeshadow my outer eyelid to give the illusion of a wing swept up.

6. Stop watching tutorials and experience

Eyeliner trends 2019

Stop reading/watch tutorials and start practicing. In the beginning, it will be brutal, but it will be worth it when you manage to make a matador shaped wing in 10 seconds. Also, do not be afraid to experiment with the angle and thickness of the wing. It usually goes better than you expect.

7. When it comes to the perfect delineation, a magnifying mirror can be your best friend.

For eyeliner mirror

In a few words: mirror with magnification.

8. Use a piece of paper to achieve a straight line.

use paper for best eyeliner

I take a piece of thick paper (thicker than ordinary paper but thinner than a credit card) to align it with the edge of the eye and arch it where I want the wing to be. Then I take the eyeliner and draw the line while I press down on the paper: the line always comes right out!

9. Always use both hands.

Use 2 hands for best eyeliners

It’s a two-handed job (especially as you get older). Stand in front of the mirror and use the hand you do not draw with to keep the eyelid taut. Draw the wing on the outer edge and then reduce the line in the middle of the eyelid. It will simplify life very much.

10. First, trace the wings, and then the rest will come.

Simple eyeliner steps

I always use eyeliner pencils because I see them as markers. Start with the wing! Then use a swab to pair it. Just fill in the triangular shape later. Also, I usually get better when I do not force myself too much to do it perfect. If you are filled with anxiety, you will have too many nerves to draw a straight line.

11. Change the liquid eyeliner by gel and use a hard brush.

liquid eyeliner tips

Using gel eyeliner with a hard brush makes it a lot easier. I used to use liquid eyeliner and I was never happy. Then I bought a gel eyeliner and a fairly stiff brush and now it’s much easier than before. I think it’s because it does not move as much as the liquid, that’s why it’s not so easy to ruin it.

12. The dark eyeshadow softens the appearance and erases all errors.


Softening the appearance with a little dark shadow can cover up many sins. Keep your extreme pointy wings for special occasions. For every day, do something faster by marking points with a felt-tipped liquid pencil eyeliner just above the line of your lashes to give it a somewhat dark definition. Let it dry and then spread over a line of brown or black eyeshadow of medium width to obtain an informal and smoky daily appearance.

13. Never apply eyeliner to your lash folder!

Practice, choose a brand that works for you, keep your eye tight and never put eyeliner on the eyelash curler!

14. Do not believe in the exaggeration of the felt tip.

Most say that beginners should use felt tip, although when I started using it I did not feel at all comfortable with it. But when I bought a brush tip, it was like seeing a new light! Everything is about what makes you feel comfortable and gives you more skill.

Best eyeliner steps

15. Tattooing is a good option.

My last trick: tattoo him, damn it. Of course, it will hurt a lot, but I have the perfect eyeliner 24 hours a day, every day, and I think it’s the only good decision I’ve ever made (in terms of cosmetics). ”

Obviously, this is extreme. Talk to a dermatologist and find a reputable tattoo artist to take care of this, in case you decide to do so.

16. Matte eyeshadow can greatly improve your outlines.

Enhance your outlines with matte black eyeshadow. It happens to look weak, irregular and horrible to look great. It changed my life.

Eyeliner trends 2019

17. Cover Dark circles > make-up remover when it comes to perfecting the wings.

Do not erase all that effort with water or make-up remover! The blinders and the Q tip are magical ways to erase when the black spots appear!

18. And, like everything in this life: practice does perfectly.

The best advice for the wing shape: Practice, practice, practice! Also, know the shape of your eyes and where the eyeliner will be when your eyes are open. Try different techniques and with the media that best suits your level of ability/comfort.

19. Start with a pencil and then mount the liquid eyeliner.

If you want to put on liquid eyeliner but you are afraid of making a mess, try applying the pencil eyeliner gently first, and then go over it with the liquid eyeliner.

Try for best eyeliner

20. Never doubt it when it comes to eyeliner.

Do not hesitate! When you doubt, your hand trembles and the line is twisted. Draw the line and then fill it in as dark as your soul dictates.

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