Armpits: 5 signs of health problems

5 Health Problems and Symptoms Related to Armpit

Armpits: 5 signs of health problems. Armpits can send us warning signs of health. Especially clearly they indicate a hormonal imbalance or lymphatic problems associated with the body’s fight against infections.

Armpits usually bother us for hygienic reasons. Due to a large number of sweat glands, they are the primary source of unpleasant odor. We also care about their aesthetic appearance, since it is in this area that unwanted hair appears quickly. However, many of us do not even realize that in addition to these problems, the armpits can send us warning signs of health.

Especially clearly they indicate a hormonal imbalance or lymphatic problems associated with the body’s fight against infections. Many of these signals go unnoticed, but they indicate that something went wrong in our body.

Armpits: 5 signs of health problems.What can armpits say about your health?

In today’s article, we will tell you about 5 signs that talk about health problems. Pay attention to them.

Armpits: 5 signs of health problems

1. Unpleasant Smell

The unpleasant smell of underarms is a common occurrence in most people, and we all use deodorants to disguise it. The accumulation of sweat on the surface of the skin creates an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria, causing a strong sour odor. Fortunately, it easily disappears when, after we take a shower and, of course, deodorants and antiperspirants help prevent its occurrence.

However, when it is too strong and persistent, it probably speaks of thyroid problems or hormonal changes. If the smell is similar to rotting fruit or nail polish, it may be associated with a problem known as ketoacidosis, in which the body loses its ability to process sugar. This suggests that if you smell bad, even with proper hygiene, it can be a sign of diabetes or pre-diabetes.

2. Itching

An itchy feeling in the armpits may appear due to the growth of the hair after shaving. However, as a rule, it is a sign of skin irritation that causes razors or chemicals contained in some creams and deodorants.

Persistent itching is accompanied by the appearance of red spots and dead cells; usually, it indicates the appearance of skin fungus. In the latter case, it is necessary to consult a doctor and immediately begin antifungal treatment.

3. Pain

Armpit pain can be a muscle response to the physical strain on the arms. Usually, it appears in those who lifted something heavy or after intensive training with heavy equipment.

This type of pain is periodic and most often disappears on its own, as soon as you get some rest.

If it becomes a permanent problem and increases, then it is better to consult a doctor.
In rare cases, pain is a signal of a lymph node tumor in this area or injury.

4. Rash

Armpit rash

The warm and humid environment that characterizes this area increases the risk of yeast infections. This combination promotes the growth of fungi and, over time, it can cause a rash in conjunction with itching, redness and small rashes. Also, these reactions may also be the result of allergies, hot climates or friction.

5. Compaction and inflammation

Small swelling in the armpits, similar to acne, occurs when the follicles become clogged, preventing the hair from sprouting to the surface. This can be a very painful occurrence, and, if not adequately treated, it can cause potential infection.

Instead of removing ingrown hair with tweezers (you can get an infection), it is recommended to exfoliate the skin so that they can go outside regularly.
If you notice a thickening of a noticeable size that is easy to determine by touch, this is most likely a sign of inflammation of the lymph nodes.

In this area, there are lymph nodes that are not noticeable in the normal state, but an increase in their size indicates that the body is fighting infection. If this condition persists for several days or weeks, it is a sign of a serious infection or even cancer.

In this case, it is worth keeping the situation under control and consult a doctor so that he can make an accurate diagnosis.
Do you listen to the signals that armpits are sending you? Now that you know that they can alert you to health problems do not hesitate and contact a specialist if you notice any of these alerts.

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