5 ingenious & practical hairstyles for the gym

5 ingenious & practical hairstyles for the gym

A simple ponytail and bun are the classic hairstyles for the gym. They are practical, fast, but let’s be honest: pretty boring too, right? You want a little variety; then we have here for you the most beautiful sports hairstyles:

Hairstyles for the gym

Almost a classic, but still a must-have in the gym: the Dutt hairstyle. It is done quickly and looks casual. For the sporty look, you should try an undone version. Perfect for the Yoga, Pilates or Zumba class!

1- Casual bun hairstyles in undone look

Casual bun hairstyles

With this practical brush, which you can easily take with you in your sports bag, hair combing after sport is also possible without squeaking.

Messy-Bun Tutorial: The quick guide to the messy bun

Messy-Bun Tutorial: The quick guide to the messy bun

2-braided hairstyles must not be missing

Who would have thought: Feminine braided hairstyles are ideal for doing sports. They hold everything together and look super chic.

braid hairstyles for gym

Boxer Braids

Especially the so-called “Boxer Braids,” also called Dutch braid, are ideal for a hard workout. Granted, they are a bit tricky to start with, but with a little practice, you get that cool look.

Boxer braid

Braid hairstyle for gym

dutch braid topknot hairstyle

Semi-braided plait

As a braided braid, Boxer Braids look great as well.

Semi braid hairstyle

Fish Tail Braid

The Fish Tail Braid looks spectacular but is quite easy to braid.

Fish Tail Braid Hairstyle

3- The classic with a difference: ponytail

The ponytail is always!

Of course, the classic among the fitness hairstyles should not be missed! The ponytail is not only made in a matter of seconds but directly gives us a casual-cool look. If you want to give the typical hairstyle a new look, then spice up your look with a bandana.

The ponytail is always!

The ponytail is always!

4- Fitness hairstyles for short hair

Fitness hairstyles for short hair

With shorter hair, you have few options to make the mane fit for the sport. For a ponytail or bun, the hair is usually not enough and worn open they annoy animal. Especially a strand of hair always seems to block our view. Our tip: braid the strand of hair and put it aside. A half-bun (half a bun) is also great for kicking on the treadmill.

5- Hairbands

hair band for gym

The simplest possible solution, in addition to the classic ponytail, is probably a hair band. Just push it over your forehead, and you have a clear view.

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