5 methods of thickening eyebrows

5 tricks to thicken the eyebrows naturally

5 natural treatments to thicken the eyebrows and how to put on makeup to have the perfect eyebrows.

Milk and garlic for the eyebrows.

A natural remedy that you can use to grow your eyebrows is the mixture of garlic and milk. It favors the creation of new hairs and prevents the fall.

One garlic clove
Half a glass of milk

How to do?
Chop the garlic and mix it with the milk. Then in a small saucepan heat the milk with the garlic until it boils and remove from the heat.
Once warm apply on the eyebrows. Repeat the procedure every night leaving 20 minutes to act and then rinse.

5 Tricks for Best Eyebrows

Eyebrow thickening methods

Orange, olive oil and onion for the eyebrows.

This last home remedy helps to stimulate the blood supply in the area, which helps to regenerate the eyebrows. In this way, the natural form recovers faster.

2 tablespoons of natural orange juice
2 tablespoons onion juice
A tablespoon of olive oil

How to do?
Mix the three ingredients.
Keep in an airtight container.
Apply it with the help of a swab on the eyebrows every night and wash it the next day.

Eyebrow thickening tips

Vaseline and castor oil for the eyebrows.

This is another wonderful preparation to help your eyebrows become more populated. It favors the circulation and hydrates the area in depth, also prevents the loss of hair.

30 grams (2 tablespoons) of castor oil
15 grams of Vaseline (1 tablespoon)

How to do?
A bain-marie warms the castor oil along with petrolatum to mix them better.
Then let it warm before applying not to burn yourself.
Apply this mixture every night.

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Onion and aloe vera to grow eyebrows.

The onion is perfect to grow hair and also the eyebrows, along with aloe vera is transformed into a powerful home remedy to strengthen the bulb of each little hair that forms the eyebrows helping you to have beautiful and populated eyebrows.

5 Tricks for Best Eyebrows

50 grams of fresh aloe vera gel
Half small onion

How to do?
With the help of a processor liquefy the two ingredients together. Once ready, apply it on your eyebrows and let it act for 20 to 30 minutes. After this time you can rinse.
To see results soon repeat the process every day.
You can store the preparation in the refrigerator so that it does not spoil but not more than a week.

Best Eyebrow Tips

Coconut and lemon oil for the eyebrows.

These two together make an excellent combination to stimulate the growth of the eyebrows since they have proteins and fatty acids. If you are consistent with your application, you can get beautiful eyebrows.

A spoonful of freshly squeezed lemon juice
A spoonful of organic coconut oil

How to do?
Mix these two ingredients and then store them in a clean container. Then use this preparation to apply with the help of a swab or small brush on your eyebrows.
You must apply the preparation at night and let it act while you sleep.
How it contains lemon, you have to rinse it before going out in the sun.

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