6 Squats for Glutes

As you well know already, squats are an exercise, which as a rule, are responsible for developing the muscles of the lower train in its entirety. It is one of the movements that more muscle fibers exercise, being the gluteus one of the most weight work.

Therefore, today we bring you a collection of 6 gluteal squats with which you can develop this muscle area at high speed. It is a matter of applying them in a good exercise routine with the repetitions and adequate breaks to achieve what we set ourselves in that case.

Glute Exercises at Home

1- Squat without weight

Squat without weight exercises at home

The aerial or weightless squat is one of the most elementary basic exercises that are performed when we train leg at home. It is an excellent exercise to train explosiveness, cardiovascular endurance and gain strength in the lower train.

In addition, it is essential to gain good technique in the other squats that we do, being important to get down properly to work well on the gluteus. The deeper, the more stimulation of the glutes.

2- Front squat

Front squat at home

The front squat is a variant of the classic squat, but instead of placing the bar on our shoulders, we place it on our wrists and clavicle. It is one of the best exercises that exist to work the abdomen and for all the muscles of the lower body, especially the gluteus.

3- Isometric squats

Isometric squats at home

The isometric squat is a different way of working our glutes, and like other isometric exercises, its realization consists of staying in a certain position during the maximum number of time or intervals of 5-10 seconds. A different way of working the gluteus and stimulating it with non-concentric exercises.

4-Squat with jump

Squat with jump at home

The squat with the jump is a variant of squat, that with the difference of the conventional squat when we realize the concentric phase we will have to give an explosive jump upwards to get to gain power in the legs.

The squat with the jump is an excellent exercise to gain work on the buttocks, since having to recruit many fibers of this muscle to elevate our body, we work intensely. In addition, it is a tremendously useful movement to help us lose weight.

5- Bulgarian squad

Bulgarian squad at home

The Bulgarian squat is a mix between stride and squat, which needs a bench, chair or support of similar characteristics to be executed. It is one of the exercises for the leg that help us to work the gluteus, being a more advanced and difficult exercise than the stride and the squat with body weight.

6- Overhead squat

Overhead squat at home

The squat overhead is a simply great exercise, which serves to develop a very large number of muscles throughout the body, not just the lower train as is usual in squats. But, apart, by the position that we must adopt, the gluteus supports part of the burden of both the descent and the lifting of the weight, helping this exercise to gain strength and muscle mass in the gluteus.

Glute Exercise at Home

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