Causes of Low Back Pain in Women

7 Reasons of Low Back Pain in Women

Every woman has low back pain. But there may be unknown reasons for this being repeated frequently. And this causes excessive pressure on the muscles with the ligaments.

Low back pain is not only caused by problems in the muscle and spine. Uterus, ovaries, kidneys and digestive system disorders in women can lead to back pain.

Causes of Low Back Pain in Women

Women and men can be seen in the back pain is more common in women because the female pelvis is a more complex structure.

1- Coccydynia – Headache Pain

It is the pain that occurs in the region called the tail bone. In this case, any movement on the tail bone will cause pain. The risk of this situation is 5 times higher in women than men.

2- Uterine Tumor

Uterine fibroids can be spread benignly. However, some types may cause pain by compressing the nerves in the region.

Causes of Low Back Pain

3- Disc Shift

Discs are separating the bones of the spine, and under the influence of the age of the function begins to lose. A slipped disc compresses the nerves, causing numbness, numbness, and severe pain in the hip and lumbar region.

4- Kidney Stones

Hard deposits in the kidneys can sometimes induce unbearable pain in the lumbar region. It is likely that you will suffer excessive pain when passing through the ureter.

5- Ovarian Tumor

The ovarian tumor may reach the size of the nerves in the region. Sudden and irresistible pain occurs in the waist. Malignant neoplasms damage the surrounding organs and bones, causing different symptoms.

6- Osteoporosis

In menopause, loss of bone density occurs due to hormonal changes in women. Osteoporosis often affects nationality and spinal vertebrae, triggering pain in the back.

7- Endometriosis

It is generally seen in young women. It is the state of the endometrial tissue in the uterus that changes its position and spreads it to the ovaries and from there to the abdomen. It causes menstrual irregularity, back pain, and painful menstruation.

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