7 things that help against nail biting

7 things that help against nail biting

Nail biting is an ugly tick, which can also be very painful. This is what women can do to get beautiful nails again finally.

7 things that prevent nail-biting

1. Reduce stress

In many people, chewing the nails is an indication of nervousness caused by stress. Often, nibbling is then used to compensate for this stress. So if you are prone to this tick, you should always pay attention to whether it chews more in stressful situations than usual. If that is the case, it makes sense to look for an alternative for nervous moments. For example: chew gum, cream your hands, drink tea or take a break to relax.

2. Eradicate boredom

The opposite of stress, boredom, can also be the cause of nail biting. Even then, it makes sense, if you are in situations of waiting or something similar, to create an alternative to distract yourself. For example, to compensate for more extended periods of idleness with nail-biting, it is good always to have a book or good music with you.

For nail biting tips

3. The right care routine

In general, if you make an effort in the nail care, would like to ruin the pretty result later reluctant. So put on the weekend again a small beauty session in which you treat your hands a gentle exfoliation, so get rid of dead skin cells. For the optimal supply of nutrients also do a warm oil bath and a thick layer of moisturizer well. If the fingers are baby at first, you do not want to damage the sight anymore.

4. A little color

Are you already at the manicure? Then it also gives the nails a beautiful coat of paint. How about, for example, an intense red? This suits every outfit and completes the look. And we all know that as soon as they gnaw, the painted nails look only half as nice. A good trick, then, to trick his quirk. Besides, one knows that nail polish does not taste very good and is unhealthy.

5. varnish with taste

Nail biting

In addition to commercial paint, there are of course also the bitter nail polishes, which have a nasty feeling. These are also painted on the nails and cuticles on it. If you are tempted to nibble unconsciously, the unpleasant and bitter taste immediately deters you. You can buy these from different brands, for example online or in the pharmacy.

6. Perfectly equipped

Many women tend to nibble their nails on the way. Namely, whenever a tack has formed somewhere, or a nail is torn. Rather than waiting to be back home with scissors and files to help, some use their teeth as a replacement tool. It makes everything so much worse. Tip: Always have a small travel nail set in your purse – so you will not even be tempted.

7. Last Rescue: Artificial Nails

If nothing helps, then you can still buy artificial nails. You do not have to wear it permanently later. But they help, first to get used to being able to nibble nowhere. You have the choice between thin plastic nails that you can buy and stick in the drugstore or professional gel nails that can be built up with the beautician. The latter is indeed the more expensive option. But both methods prevent nail biting.

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