Box Braid Hairstyles

Box braids, which will become more familiar with the name of African braiding, are one of the most popular hairstyles of recent times. As the name suggests, it is a model based on braiding. It is produced by African people by making fine and frequent braids to shape their hair and restrain the puffiness easily.

The application can be made in 3 different thicknesses as thick, standard, and thin. It is knitted with the addition of additional hair of your own color and length. African weave seems to be difficult to maintain, but it is extremely easy to use and maintain the model. Most importantly, you can always have built and cool hair.

How to Make African Braid?

Pink Box Braid Blue African Braids

Aqua Box Braid

The hair should be washed and combed well before the hair is braided. African knitting starts from the back of the neck. The hair is divided into pieces of the desired thickness. Very firmly starting from the bottom to the end of the hair is braided. In the meantime, weaving is continued by adding additional hair. Thanks to the additional hair, different colors can be used, and the hair becomes lush and long. Depending on the hair growth rate, it has a service life of approximately 3-4 months.

Purple Box Braids

Box Braids Black Grey African Box Braid Red Box Braid Hairstyle

It is recommended that a professional person do it for the hair to remain healthy and look good without being damaged. It takes around 9 hours, depending on the structure of the hair and the speed of the person making it. There are various figures on the price of African weave. Starting from around $200, you can braid your hair to a real African hairstylist.

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Pink purple box braids

African Weave Care
With African braiding, hair that always looks good for a long time can be reached. It is also possible to use in many different models. You can leave the box braids open and use it with different alternatives like the double bun, knitting or collecting all. Contrary to popular belief, it is not possible for the hair to become damaged, dirty, or overloaded. You can wash and clean the hair with a good shampoo without applying too much pressure on the bottom of the hair. Washing up to 3 times per week is recommended. Unless you have made too many and long additional hair, there will be no weight and thus no chance of wear.

How to make box braids Box Braid Hairstyles

Best Box Braid Hairstyle

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