Brand New Hairstyle: Pipe Braid

Brand New Hairstyle: Pipe Braid

Meet the hairstyle of 2018. pipe braid how to make hairstyle? What are the tricks?

Every summer, new solutions are searched for heat, moisture, sweat, hair that is becoming shapeless.

Dutch hair braid

It’s a little hard to be able to use the hair in cool summer. Different hairstyles are becoming a trend in order not to be dependent on the flat knob. You remember the trend of the last knot and the Dutch hair braid.

This year’s hairstyle was also recently announced; pipe braid.

Pipe braid hairstyle 1

This knitting takes its name from its shape, so it has nothing to do with the pipette.

Pipe braid style

If you are wondering how this hairstyle is made, then the answer is in our article.

Looks detailed but don’t be afraid. In fact, when you get used to it, you will find it is not difficult.

You don’t need to follow the proper steps like other braids.

How to do pipe braid

Just like every knit made from the bottom, it’s just a bit difficult for the person to practice and want to practice.

Pipe Braid Hairstyle

Nevertheless, with a few attempts the hand gets used to.

Hairstyle She

Doesn’t she look so different and nice?

If you are looking for a hairstyle that will save your hot summer days, you can start experimenting now.

Simple Pipe Braid Style

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