Choosing glasses according to face type

Choosing Glasses According to Face Shape

Especially in summer, sunglasses are the most preferred accessory. However, sometimes a spectacle that you like a lot may not be suitable for your face. So, how to choose glasses according to the face shape? As High Heels team, we offer you useful information about the selection of glasses according to your face shape.

How to choose sunglasses?

  • If your forehead is wide, you should use large frame glasses and glasses that won’t cover your eyebrows.
  • If you complain that your eyes are too close, transparent bridged glasses are just for you! If you have split eyes, dark and thick goggles are very suitable for you.
  • Long nose, low and flat bridged glasses should be preferred.

Also, the shape of the frame should be contrasted with the shape of your face, the frame dimensions must be proportional to your facial proportions, and your pupils are centered on the frame. Finally, when deciding on the color of the frame, the color shades you choose in clothing are as crucial as your hair color.

Selection of glasses according to oval face shape

Shape of glasses for oval type of faces

The oval face is more fortunate than other face shapes in the choice of glasses. Notably, the square frames with soft corners and rising towards the temple are very suitable for oval faces. If you have an oval face, you should stay away from the frames that will disrupt the natural proportions of your face. The width of the frame should not exceed the width of your face.

Selection of glasses according to round face shape

Shape of glasses for round type of faces

If you have a round face, you should use angular glasses to create contrast. So your face will look longer and thinner. The thicker the eye of the glasses also makes your face look longer. You should stay away from round glasses models.

Choosing glasses according to square face shape

Choosing glasses according to square face shape

If you have a rectangular or square face type, you should prefer glasses that will soften your sharp lines. Round-frame, thin-handled glasses show your face shorter. To show your frame face longer, you can choose thicker than the eyeglass handle. The so-called cat-eye models are the right choice for angular faces.

Selection of glasses based on diamond face shape

Woman sunglasses shapes for diamond face type

Diamond face, forehead, eye level, and narrow chin, between the cheekbones, are high and prominent. Therefore, you should use models that will make your forehead and chin wide and your temples narrow. Flat or round frames with a large upper part make your forehead wide. Eyeglasses with low handles are not suitable for diamond face shape.

Selection of glasses based on triangular face shape

Shape of glasses for triangular type of faces

If you have a narrow forehead and a wide jaw structure, you have a triangular face shape. To make your forehead wide, your cheek and chin are narrow, and you should choose glasses that do not have a sub-frame and are aligned with the temples. Stay away from low-handled and patterned glasses.

Choosing glasses according to heart face shape

Choosing glasses according to heart face shape

The heart-shaped face narrows towards the cheeks and chin. For this reason, you should choose glasses that will make your wide forehead narrower. The lower part of the frame will give your face a more balanced look. Patterned and thick-rimmed glasses give more attention to your facial features. So it is not the right choice for you.

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