7 mistakes in the diet that sabotage your attempts to lose weight

Diet errors that prevent weight loss

So, you decided to lose weight and even made the first step towards your goal: you promised yourself to eat well starting from today. Many successfully manage to change their lifestyle so that they consistently lose excess weight and remain in good shape. In other cases, some fail to adhere to the new rules, and the weight dropped was quickly returned to their homes.

Here are 7 of the most common mistakes in the diet that prevent you from losing weight and staying in great shape.

1. You do not eat enough protein for breakfast

When you opt for a healthy diet, you eat granola with skimmed milk and a banana for breakfast. However, an hour later, you begin to feel again how it sucks in the stomach. You are moving in the right direction, but the 8 g of protein you get from milk for breakfast is unlikely to help you survive until lunch without feeling hungry. Add healthy fats to your daily muesli, such as split almonds, or replenish proteins by eating a hard-boiled egg.

2. Snack


This item is a trick. Most nutritionists recommend a snack if there are more than 4 hours between breakfast and lunch. However, often people overdo it with the amount and snack turns into a full meal. Eating 28 grams and 56 grams of almonds is not the same thing. Remember that during the snack you cannot eat more than 200 calories. Plus, you need to include protein, healthy fats, or both. Otherwise, in an hour you will be hungry again. Simply put, do not choose fruits for a snack. And if you do not feel hunger, then it is better to refrain from eating too much.

3. If you eat salad for lunch

Let’s not forget that not all salads are useful. Croutons, bacon, a lot of cheese and mayonnaise can be a disaster for your diet. Do not overdo it with chicken, avocado and olive oil. Eating is important, but do not forget to combine it with other ingredients.

4. You forget to count calories from alcohol

Too many people undermine their attempts to lose weight by drinking alcohol. Of course, no one calls to completely abandon spirits, but if you go to hard drinking for the whole weekend, you will not be able to achieve any significant success in trying to lose weight, regardless of how well you eat during the week. And do not forget to monitor the amount of alcohol that you use. A glass of 100 ml and 200 ml is not the same.

Stop alchol

5. Waiver of carbohydrates during dinner

This is a common mistake. Believe it or not, you can lose weight while eating carbohydrates for dinner. However, this should reduce the amount of protein. That is, if you want to eat some brown rice or potatoes, then the portion of chicken or fish should be halved. At the same time you will save calories, and even consume fiber, which only helps to get rid of excess weight.

6. You completely avoid junk food.

Seems crazy? Seems crazy? This is perhaps the No. 1 error. Ask yourself: what do you like to eat? And do not include in the list what you think you should eat. It is important to continue to eat your favorite foods, even if you think you should avoid them. Seems crazy? However, if you deny yourself your favorite delicacies, you can quickly fly off the coils and completely abandon attempts to eat properly.
You just need to find a way to include your favorite foods in the diet without undermining it. For example, do not eat the whole pizza in one sitting, but there is nothing wrong with allowing yourself a piece for lunch from time to time, accompanying it with a healthy salad. Refuse buns if you decide to treat yourself to fries and burger. Allow yourself a dessert in a restaurant, but say no to bread.

7. Attempts to sit down on every fresh diet

If you hear about a diet that promises that you lose weight instantly, run. If she offers to abandon entire food groups, accelerate the pace and do not look back. Do you think that another diet that does not include attempts to change lifestyles is the key to solving the problem? Unfortunately, this is not the case.

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