XXL Knitting Blankets

DIY XXL Knitting Blankets

A cuddly blanket, a throw-over or a doormat, mainly it keeps you warm because there is nothing better than to retire on cold days with a cup of steaming tea and a warm blanket on the sofa.

Made of knitwear? Even better, because chunky knit is just a current trend of living. It is soft, keeps you warm and makes for an extra dose of coziness. The giant format offers many advantages and, above all, that you can make a coarse-mesh ceiling with little (time) effort itself. XXL knitting is great fun and even knit layman can get it. For the giant mesh, you do not even need needles, it just works with hands and arms.

XXL knitting for beginners

knitting for beginners step 1
When it comes to knitting needles, there are two options: two knitting needles or a crochet hook made of light wood in extra size, ie at least 20 mm thick. If you have chosen a very thick wool yarn, then the knitting needles should be stronger. Alternatively, you can use your own hands and arms instead of knitting needles. In this post, we present helpful tips and a video tutorial for each XXL knitting method.

XXL knitting with needles

Step 2 for knitting

The extra large knitting needles for super thick knitting wool or combs are best searched online. A 30 mm or 35 mm thickness is ideal for making large knitwear such as blankets, scarves, carpets, pillows and more. With these knitting needles, the XXL knit is created at incredible speed. There are variants of wood and plastic.

XXL Knitting with two needles

XXL Knitting with two needles
The XXL knitting works just like the conventional one. However, it runs faster and is even better for beginners and knit beginners. The reason for this is the thickness of the individual stitches. Finally, to be satisfied with the result, the selection of wool plays a very important role. It should be extra voluminous and is usually referred to as XXL wool or Chunky Wool. It usually consists of pure new wool or a mixture of wool and acrylic.

XXL knitting with a crochet hook

XXL knitting with a crochet hook
XXL knitting also works on the crochet principle and only with a needle. XXL wooden crochet hooks are ideal for processing extra thick yarns and combed pulls. This can crochet extra large blankets, scarves, hats, round rugs, baskets and the like.

XXL Knitting without Needles: Arm Knitting

Knitting without Needles: Arm Knitting
Even though knitting in the XXL variant used to work exclusively with the help of knitting and crocheting needles, now it can be done without, but only with arms and hands. Arm Knitting or Arm Knitting is a new DIY trend that has totally conquered Instagram, Pinterest, and creative blogs. It is great for everyone because it is very easy and extremely fast. All you need is XXL wool and your own arms.

XXL knitting with hands

XXL knitting with hands

Arm knitting involves weaving the loops with arms instead of knitting needles, and the motions are exactly the same as normal knitting. It only runs faster and already after the first three rows, you have a considerable result. After all, you do not need so much patience and time.

step by step knitting with hands
For a XXL blanket for two people measuring 150 cm x 190 cm, you need about 4.5 kg of wool. That can be quite expensive. If you do not want to invest so much in the first self-made blanket, then you can start with a smaller version. For a blanket for a person measuring 120 cm x 150 cm, about 3.5 kg of wool is needed.
knitting blanket with hands
When XXL knitting, only the first row can be a bit nerve-racking and demanding. The first stitch should be easy and quiet. In a woolen blanket with a width of 150 cm, about 30 giant stitches are struck. For smaller knitting, such as a cushion cover enough fewer stitches. In the video, you can see exactly how the arm knitting works.

XXL Knitting: Blankets, scarves, pillows or sweaters made of a giant mesh are a trend…

The term “sweater weather” refers to the cold season, if one likes to fall back on the warm clothes. Even at home, you like to surround yourself with things that keep you warm. Crocheted and woolly knits not only conquer the wardrobe in autumn and winter but also the world of the living. To provide the home with extra cuddly units, imaginative coarse knit blankets, throws, mats, cushions, and poufs are available, which you can buy or even do as you like.

DIY Knitting Red Blanket

Cozy XXL knitwear is currently a chic trend. Huge coarse-knit blankets laid on the sofa or on the bed create an extra cuddly flair. In addition to the living comfort, they create a change in the modern interior through their unique structure. If you want to get the trend home, you have two options: to buy or to knit yourself. If you do not feel like XXL knitting, there are beautiful huge blankets on offer. Depending on the quality of the yarn and size, the price reaches the three-digit range. Then perhaps you prefer to lend a hand?

DIY blue knitwear blanket

XXL Knitting: A trend for the home and in the wardrobe

Woolly soft and super warm are the coarse knit blankets made of merino wool. The loose giant mesh construction also has other advantages.

DIY woolly soft black blanket

Depending on the dimensions, such a coarse mesh ceiling can be made in a surprisingly short time. For this, you can use special knitting or crochet hooks in XXL variant or not. It also works just with your hands.

XXL Knitting: Giant stitches in every shape and size are up to date

DIY knit blanket

Natural materials and optics are very topical at the moment. So it’s no surprise that the coarse-meshed woolen blankets are trendy. At the same time, they are really luxurious and special. XXL knit accents are eye-catching in every home.
do it yourself knit blanket at home
XXL knitting is actually a lot of fun, designers share behind the huge-meshed wool blankets. Some even started it as a kind of therapy and soon they could not stop. Knitting and crochet are actually very soothing pursuits. In a giant format, it is even easier, because the eyes are not strained. Also, the result can be seen only after a short time work.

Useful accessories for home

Useful home accessories can be made in XXL knitwear. Especially attractive look the Strickpoufs. They come in different shapes and sizes. With filling for sitting or lying, they are a functional and very comfortable addition to the rest of the facility. In the nursery, they are wonderfully used by the smallest family members. In the living room, you can comfortably put your feet up on it.

DIY useful accessories

If you have perhaps considered starting with XXL knitting, here are a few beginner tips. Even if you are fresh at work, the giant blanket is already finished after only a few hours of muscle work. Thanks to the XXL yarn you do not need so many stitches and therefore not so much time. For beginners who have no experience in knitting or crocheting, it is best to start with a smaller piece, perhaps with a doormat or a scarf.

Giant mesh ideas anywhere in the house

As a decorative pillow or a shell, the cozy coarse knit gets a whole new dimension that you can already imagine doing it yourself. The materials needed for XXL knitting are the same as for traditional knitting or crochet but in an XXL version. With the yarn, you can choose between super thick wool and fleece.

XXL Knitting: material for giant meshes

DIY material for giant meshes
XXL knitting with wool: wool types
XXL knitting with wool: wool types

When XXL knitting a certain thread thickness is of great importance because otherwise the fabric is very permeable, holey and finally more like a net act. A thread thickness of 30 mm is considered optimal and you can choose between different types of wool.

  • Cotton: Pleasant, durable, but not as warm as new wool.
  • Wool: Warm and durable, but can easily scratch. Merino
  • Wool: Very soft, high quality, elastic, easy to work with and keeps you warm. Ideal for knitting blankets, scarves, sweaters, and hats.
  • Angora Wool: Insulating, fuzzing. Alpaca wool: Very soft, light, warm, dimensionally stable and durable, but very expensive.

XXL Knitting: Giant blankets, mats, pillows, poufs, sweaters & Co.

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