5 exercises burning belly fats

Do This 5 Workout Workout To Lose Belly Fat At Home

One of the most difficult parts of the body to lose weight and tone up is the belly. Unfortunately, it is also the area where you are most noticeable overweight, and where fat tends to accumulate as a result of poor diet and other oversights.

Is it possible to remove the little hands in the abdomen without leaving home? The answer is yes, whenever we are willing to strive for this goal.

The most effective way to reduce fat from the abdomen or any other area of the body is through the practice of physical exercises. In this sense, most people prefer to enroll in a gym, as the machines and appliances make it easier to work and help to get visible results.

However, anyone who does not have the time or money to go to a gym can stop with the excuses as there are also effective ways to lose belly without having to leave the house.

Today we will share the five most recommended exercises to work the abdominal area while losing weight and toning the body.

5 exercises burning belly fats

1. Abdominals lying on the floor

Abdominals lying on the floor
Abdominal exercises are the most recommended to reduce the waist, tone the belly and end the fat located in this part of the body.

There are many ways to accomplish them, but the following will share a variety that is very easy to practice in the home.

How to do them?

On a mat or exercise mat, lie on your stomach with your legs bent and feet flat on the floor.

Then, with your hands behind your head, raise your torso slightly by contracting the abdomen, keeping the spine straight and without bending the neck to avoid injury.

If you want to increase the intensity, do the same movement but with your legs slightly raised, without letting the feet touch the ground.

2. Plank

Plank Exercise

The posture known as the plank is an exercise that is becoming very popular as it has been shown that only a few seconds can work the entire body.

As the idea is to do it to lose the belly, it is essential to keep the abdomen contracted while performing the exercise.

How to do it?
On an exercise mat, lean your belly down using your forearms and your toes. Make sure your elbows are just below your shoulders, and your back is upright.
Try to maintain balance for at least 20 seconds, and repeat five times. Over time, when you are already at a more advanced level, you can hold up to one minute holding the position.

3. Bike

Bike exercise

This simple exercise allows you to work the middle and upper abdomen, which are areas more difficult to tone.

How to do it?
Stand with your buttocks and hands on a firm surface, and place your legs raised in the air with your knees slightly flexed.
Now, bring your legs back and forth, one after the other, as if you were pedaling. At the same time, move the chest so that both parts of the body meet.
The point of attachment will be the abdominal wall where you can feel all the tension of the exercise. Do between 10 and 20 repetitions.

4. Elevation of legs

Top of legs

The trick for this exercise to work the abdomen is to keep it contracted while raising your legs.

How to do it?
Lie down with your belly up, your arms at your lower back and your legs straight.
Keeping your legs together, start lifting them, as if a thread were pulling them up to the ceiling.
Try to keep your legs elevated for a few seconds without losing the resting posture of the body, and lower them slowly until you return to the starting position.

5. Stretching

Stretching exercise

To finish this routine of abdominal exercises, it is good to do stretches, also focused on this area of the body.

Its function is to tone, but it also serves to recover the body after having carried out exercises of higher intensity. So the ideal is to leave it to the end.

How to do it?
Lie down with your belly down, your body stretched out and your hands flat on the floor.
Now, raise your arms so that the front of the body rises back. Always keep the abdomen tight.
Now raise your arms so that the front of the body rises back with the abdomen contracted.

Remember it!
Eliminating the belly is a hard-to-reach goal, and it takes a lot of effort and perseverance to achieve that much-dreamed-up flat stomach.

These exercises serve as a supportive routine, but apart from practicing them regularly, it is also essential to supplement them with adopting a healthy diet.

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