How to make stone bath mat

The Idea of ​​Making Mats from Pebbles

Self-design ideas have become very popular today. There are many reasons for this popularization. These costs are very low, having a pleasant time while making and the desired accessories or goods can be made according to the individual ones are just a few of these reasons. A great idea for your home decoration: Doormat made stones. In our gallery, we are talking about making a stylish looking mat that can be used in bathrooms and different house sections.

Doormat made of stones

The final stage of the mat will be shown in the following steps in our gallery.

Doormat made of stones


1- Floor Mat

Floor mat for stone doormat - diy

As shown in our image, the first necessary material for matting is the primary material of the mat to be made of stones.

2- Silicone Adhesive

The silicone glue to be used to place the stones on the mat in the previous image and our stones which are brought together for bonding are included in this image.

3- Adhesive to Stones

Adhesive to Stones

The next step is to apply the silicone adhesive to our stones, as shown in our image.

4- Bonding Stones

Bonding Stones

As in our previous image, the process of gluing the stones to the mat is shown in this image.

5- Doormat from stones

Doormat from stones

In this image, we see the almost completed version of our mop idea made with stones. The lines of a very stylish and modern mat have started to form.

Stone Bath Mat Diy

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