Exercises During Pregnancy

Exercises During Pregnancy

The benefits of physical exercise are multiple, being especially useful during pregnancy. It is at this time when the body changes in a really significant way. And it is at this stage that the exercises for pregnant women at home that we present today will help you improve your well-being.

Improve body composition, increase our energy, not gain much weight and rest better, are some of the many benefits of physical exercise in pregnant women.

During pregnancy, accompanying the evolution of the body with gymnastics is also important to eliminate any type of muscle pain. But also it is to exercise the pelvic floor, very favorable activity for pregnancy and postpartum.

For mothers who want to perform exercises at home or for those who do not have much time to travel to a specific center, then we leave you the best movements. However! It is essential that before doing them, consult a medical specialist on the subject. An individualized diagnosis will be necessary to evaluate if we can perform these exercises at home for pregnant women.

Arm stretches

Arm stretches - pregnancy exercise

An easy exercise, practically all of you can do it. We must stand up, with legs apart and knees semi-bent, extend up one arm first and then the other. We have to perform the exercise for 2 or 3 minutes.

Benefits of this exercise:

  • It will help us to open It opens the rib cage, allowing the baby and the mother to get more air. This last will allow to alleviate the pain of ribs or drowning that we may have.
  • It helps with blood circulation

Heel lifts for twin

Heel lifts for twin - exercises for pregnancy

Stand with your back and legs straight and your hands on your waist, raise your heels off the floor for approximately two seconds. We must perform two sets of 15 repetitions. It is one of the best exercises for pregnant at home to be so soft.

Benefits of this exercise:

  • Without a doubt, it is an excellent exercise to improve the circulation of the body. Especially in the lower train.
  • It helps reduce the feeling of heaviness in the legs and cramps.

Pelvic extensions

Pelvic extensions exercise

Standing up, with your back straight, hands on your waist, legs apart and knees semi-bent, the task will be to move the pelvis back and forth. For this, we will have to bring the hip to the midline without making an exaggerated extension of the lower back. We should repeat the exercise for 2 or 3 minutes

Benefits of this exercise:

  • Allows the lumbar area to be free of tension
  • Improves mobility and strength of the gluteus and pelvis
  • It will reduce the chances of suffering pains in the sciatic nerve

Daily Pregnancy Stretches

Daily Pregnancy Stretches

In quadrupeds, and trying to keep the forearms and knees supported on a mat or firm and comfortable base, we have to move the pelvis to one side and to the other with gentle and pendular movements. The sequence of the movement should be carried out continuously for 3-4 minutes. As we acquire practice, we will increase the time.

Benefits of this exercise:

Allows the lower back to relax, through the sciatic nerve. This will help the baby settle into the birth canal. It is for this reason, why this exercise is usually performed also with the help of obstetricians during delivery.

Column stretches

Lying on your back on a firm and comfortable mattress or base, with your knees to your chest and your hands holding them, we will have to swing slowly from one side to the other. We must try that the knees do not touch the floor and keeping the column resting on the mat/floor. Repeat the exercise for 3-4 minutes

Benefits of this exercise:

Massage the lumbar area, tightening the waist and also allowing the spine to rest in general up to the shoulders.

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