Hairstyles for fine hair simple ways to increase volume

Hairstyles for fine hair: simple ways to increase volume…

Do you have thin hair? There are several ways to improve their volume. Proper care is essential – sealing structure. But in 90% of cases, decides the right hairstyle. I’ll tell you how to comb, what haircuts to choose so that it seemed that there is more hair on the head.

thin hair ideas

Is hair volume your dream? Take care of your care!

Let’s start from scratch. If you are interested in how to increase the volume of hair, first of all, you should not forget about regular cleansing. Oily dirty hair looks, and it is not possible to create volume. Dust from the air, excess sebum – make hair thin. This further “reduces” their volume. That is why you often have to wash your hair – the struggle for volume begins.

Use a shampoo for volume:

  • Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Volume Boost
  • Kerastase Resistance Bain Volumifique
  • L’Oreal Professionnel Homme Fiberboost
  • L’Oreal Professionnel Volumetry
  • Wella invigo volume

Shampoo not only thoroughly cleanses the strands and scalp, eliminating all impurities but also additionally seals the texture. The hairs rise at the base and thicken. This is an ideal base for further cutting and styling.

The action of the shampoo is desirable to support air conditioning. It will additionally strengthen, restore them and make the hair elastic and resilient.

Care for fine hair contains another critical element. This is a massage and peeling of the scalp. By massaging your head, you improve circulation and stimulate growth. And this is very important in the case of thin and sparse hair. Therefore, do not forget always to do a few minutes of massage during washing.

Massage and peeling = increasing hair volume.

Scalding of the scalp is a very important moment. Thanks to him, we get rid of dead skin, keep hair in perfect condition and stimulate their growth. If you do not have time to scrub, you can always choose a universal product. Exfoliating shampoo:

Estel Professional – Essex Deep Cleaning
Kapous Professional – Studio Professional Deep Cleaning
Anwen – Mint It Up
CONCEPT – Deep Cleaning
Bielita – Professional line shampoo peeling
These shampoos contain acid, peeling particles. It thoroughly cleanses the scalp and exfoliates the epidermis. It improves blood circulation and stimulates hair growth.

Duet for specialized tasks: powder and spray

t should make friends with two unique products. The first is powder, which increases the volume. And the second – the spray, which also increases the volume.

The powder is very easy to use cosmetically. Just sprinkle a little powder on your head and massage at the roots. Hair will increase in volume and will be slightly raised at the base. Depending on the choice of powder, hair will have a matte or glossy effect.

The powder is suitable for those who suffer from a lack of volume, difficulties in styling. An additional advantage of this cosmetic is that it restores the hair’s freshness and masks oily scalp. Can be used for both short and long hair.

Spray stylists are advised to apply on washed, slightly damp hair. Then dry them and proceed to style. Sprays make hair more manageable and give it lightness. Many provide fixation.

Short haircuts for fine hair

If you think that a short hairstyle = less hair, then you are mistaken. An excellent way to add volume to your hair is to trim them. Long, dull, thin hair does not look good. We immediately see that they are few.

Short haircuts for fine hair

Do not be afraid haircuts. The first sentence is a pixie.
Pixie – asymmetrical haircut. At the very top of the head, the hair is cut much shorter, which causes it to rise. Then they are cut a little longer. It is important to note that the hair is heavily milled. In the third shot, one of the sides is shaved, which gives the image a character.
Pixie type haircut is a hairstyle that stars love. Such hair was worn by Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, or Emma Watson.

Jennifer lawrence shortcut hair

Asymmetrical haircuts with bangs – the perfect solution for volume increase. Short hairstyles for thin hair are not boring at all – they add sexuality, femininity, and character.

Asymmetrical haircuts

Add a short haircut texture with styling cosmetics. I recommend the Schwarzkopf OSIS + Mess Up, which allows you to create beautiful styling with short hair. Cosmetics do not make thin strands and makes them more visually.

Asymmetrical haircuts

How to add volume to hair? Make a tail

If in spite of everything, you do not want to cut your hair, you need to figure out how to add volume to long hair.

How to add volume to hair?

You can collect them in the tail! This is a timeless hairstyle. A simple trick will give the impression that the volume of curls is larger. All you have to do is lightly comb the strands at the base and lift them at the crown. Due to this, the tail will not be “flat,” but volumetric. Having collected a tail, pull fingers for locks at a forehead – it is also to give a volume to a hairdresser.

How to add volume to hair?

You can make a low tail. And again, before that, it is better to curl light curls. Slightly disheveled, careless tail – ideal for increasing volume. Release a few strands around the face – this will make the hairstyle more feminine.

Let’s go back to the pile. Do not do it often. Thin hair is usually weak, and the additional load harms them. If you can not do without a fleece, it is best to do it only in selected areas – from below. The bottom strands will raise the remaining ones, and due to this, the hairstyle will increase the volume.

There is a better way how to achieve visual volume. Conic curlers will be needed. And we will not make waves and curls. With the help of a conical curling machine in 5 minutes we will do the styling – and in only five steps.

It is enough to wind the straps, twisted in a soft harness, onto the conical curtain iron. Allow it to cool and carefully disassemble it with your fingers. Hair will be slightly wavy and optically will become more. Slightly wavy hair can be collected in the tail – thanks to this it will have a larger volume.
Blake Lively is the queen of this hairstyle. You can look for inspiration in her style.

add volume to hairs

Waves and curls on thin hair

For thin, sparse hair, waves and curls will be an excellent option. Hairstyles add volume, look romantic and very girlish. Curls and curls look good both with bangs and without bangs.

Waves and curls on thin black hair

There are many types of curlers and curlers. You will find a product that meets your needs. Romantic waves, unmanaged curls or thick curls – what do you choose? There are many ideas for hairstyles with curls. They increase the volume. Remember to apply a thermal spray before laying.

thin blonde hair

An excellent cosmetic for thin hair is a spray with sea salt. Stylists advise spraying it on slightly damp hair and letting it dry naturally. The spray will make the hair somewhat wavy. This cosmetic does not make the strands heavy, and they do not stick together (which sometimes happens with varnishes or foams).

thin long hairs

As you can see, the waves on the hair can be done in different ways. You can use curlers, irons, tongs, salt spray.

Afro curls

Do you like curls? Afro curls are a great way to add volume to thin hair.
This is artificial hair, “applied” to natural. They make mega-volume. And under them grow and restore natural strands. At the same time, they in no way spoil their natural hairs. And even more, they give them time to recover.

Afro curls hairs


A bun is a great hairstyle idea for fine hair. To increase the bundle volume, use individual rollers. Using such a roller is easy, and the effect is fantastic! A better option is a free, somewhat “tangled,” sloppy bunch. Such controlled carelessness makes the hair more voluminous. You can release a few strands around your face.

Bundle hairstyles for thin hairs

Are you looking for an original beam idea? You can include a scarf or haircut in your hair. The multi-colored scarf attracts the eye and gives volume to the hairstyle.

Bundle hairstyle for long hairs

Bundle hairstyle


All owners of fine hair should be friends with a comb-brushing. Round comb and hair dryer – the perfect duet that will create great styling.

How to work with a round brush? Let’s start by choosing the right model for this accessory. For fine hair, a round brush of smaller diameter with plastic bristles is best.

The step-by-step guide on modeling thin hair with a round brush:

  • Wash your hair and dry it with a towel. Wait, if there is a possibility that they dry up to 80%.
  • If necessary, apply a styling agent.
  • Divide the strands into sections. Collect the top part in a bunch and start laying with the lower strands.
  • Twist the hair on the brush – closer to the roots.
  • Start drying. As you brush and blow dry, slowly brush them with the brush leading down to the tips.
  • Do it with the rest of the hair.

Brushed strands will be shiny and voluminous. Use a comb that is resistant to heat.

How to give hair volume using the flute

Crimpers crimp should be in the arsenal of every girl. Easy zigzags make hair more visually. For our problem, you should choose a unique model with a narrow plate. Thus, only the upper part of the hair, 2-4 cm wide, curls. Such a simple “treatment” will give the effect of mega-volume.

How to give hair volume using the flute

Coloring for fine hair

Dyeing fine hair is allowed – and even appreciated. Now some drugs protect hair during dyeing (for example, Matrix Bond Ultim8) or lightning (for example, Schwarzkopf Fibreplex). It is not necessary to dye your hair in one color, you can make strands or a soft stretch.

Coloring for fine hair

Lightened strands and a soft stretch optically increase the volume of hair. Coloring gives depth, versatility and makes curls more vivid.

Coloring for fine hair 3

Today there are many ideas for coloring. Are you brunette I recommend cold or ash-brown shades. Can I choose the golden highlights? For lovers of cool shades – tinted balagan. If you want to change the color completely, you should not accept a bright blond. Blond on rare and thin hair does not look. It is better to give preference to Ombra or attach.

Shortcut hairstyle

Not suitable for dark black color.

coloring for fine hairs

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