Hairstyles for thick hair

Hairstyles for thick hair – cuts, styling and lots and lots of inspiration

Hairstyles for thick hair

Thick hair is a dream. Who can grow such a real man, is envied by many. But thick hair can also be a daily challenge because cut and styling must be right. Stubborn, difficult to tame, impossible to style – sometimes women with plump hair despair of their hair and want a hair advice. We show you which hairstyles are suitable for thick hair and how you style them properly. Sophisticated steps or thinned tips, a swinging bob or a hairstyle with bangs? Discover in our picture gallery great trend hairstyles and what hairstyle could fit you!

Hairstyles for thick hair Hairstyles for thick hair

Hairstyles for thick hair

Thick hair: Which cut fits best?

In general: If thick hair is cut straight, the hair end often seems too dominant and powerful, better are step cuts. When choosing the right haircut, it also depends on which face shape you have. Thick curls and a side parting face each face shape because the side parting line stretches. Frilled, smooth and long hair are more likely to be narrow faces as they give the face more fullness. If you’re taming thick, wavy, sleek hair with a straightening iron (think of the heat-protection spray!), A round face looks narrower. Then fits a middle parting, the way looks the way even with wild curls pretty. An updo like the Chignon, a classic braid or Big Hair à la Adèle is glamorous hairstyles for thick hair. Some brands perfect for the hair because, with this hair volume, the braiding structures are particularly strong – artificial hair pieces are then superfluous anyway. But even a short haircut looks great on full hair. The Pixie Cut is such a haircut – and anything that can wildly style and stir with many volumes. And if you can not cope with the density of your hair, you can get a special pair of scissors: The so-called technique is called thinning. The thinning scissors have a serrated blade, with which the hairdresser can give a thick frayed coat to thick top hair.

Styling products for thick hair

Hairstyles for thick hair

When it comes to hairstyling, you are welcome to pick different products for thick hair. Styling mousse brings curls into shape, a smoothing fluid takes out the volume. By the way, the ideal brush for thick hair is the paddle brush, with which you can smooth even slightly wavy hair when blow-drying. And with the edge, you can give some volume at the base.

Hairstyles for thick hair

The best care for thick hair

Thick hair needs a special care strategy. Because they have a weak point. The so-called “frizz effect”. Frizz is caused by the thick hair because it absorbs more moisture than fine hair. In rainy weather, thick hair, unfortunately, gets slightly out of control. Since the best styling is gone quickly. For the daily hair care of thick hair are therefore particularly shampoos and rinses that moisturize. This smoothes the surface of the hair fibers and makes them easier to comb through. Once or twice a week thick hair does a good cure.

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