Himalayan salt: the beneficial properties of pink salt

Salt is often associated with the motto “white death.” It can cause hypertension, as well as water retention in the body, which contributes to the formation of edema. The moderate salt intake does not create a risk of adverse health effects, and if you use Himalayan instead of white salt, you can give your body a lot of positive results.

Himalayan salt is mined by hand in the Himalayan mountain ranges, for example, in Pakistan. Millions of years ago, the sun dried the sea, formed deposits of salt, which has a natural pink color and contains many chemical elements. Previously, Himalayan salt was mined only for royal families, and now we can use it without problems in any kitchen. With its enormous health benefits, it can completely replace the widely used white salt.

Useful properties of Himalayan pink salt

This salt is considered the healthiest and purest salt on earth. Unlike white, it exhibits unusual properties for health. This salt is entirely free of pollution and contains 84 minerals, including iodine, magnesium, iron, and calcium. Himalayan salt eliminates the deficit of micro and macronutrients. Due to the content of various trace elements, pink salt stimulates the circulatory system, reduces pressure. It has antibacterial properties, has a detoxification effect and a cleansing effect, and also removes heavy metals. Pink salt is in no way chemically processed, so that it retains its original components intact and intact.

Pink Himalayan Salt

Application and storage

Pink salt in addition to being used in the kitchen, as a side dish for meat, cereals, potatoes or salad, can be used for bathing. To do this, pour in a kilogram bath of Himalayan salt and pour warm water. This bath removes toxins from the body and also has a positive effect and relief of symptoms of rheumatological diseases.

Also, Himalayan salt can be used for peeling, which “pulls” toxins from the skin and removes dead skin, which accelerates its regeneration.

Salt is stored in a jar or a special container for spices, in a dry place, as it is easily crystallized. To avoid this, you should add a grain of rice or a stick of cinnamon, which quickly absorb moisture. White salt is often excluded from the diet with elevated pressure, at this point Himalayan can replace it. It will complement the lack of micro and macro elements in the body and cleanse the body of heavy metals and strengthen the circulatory system.

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