Orchid Growing Tips

How to Care for Orchid Flower?

Orchid is the most popular name in the world and the common name given to plants with beautiful flowers from the orchid family. It is especially preferred by women in terms of giving a beautiful look and color to the environment in these flower houses.

There are thousands of varieties of this plant that grows spontaneously in tropical and temperate climates. One of its most important features is that it gives flowers 2-3 times a year, and it is very durable. If you are growing orchids in your home, you can reach the tips about orchid care in this article.

How to care for orchids at home?

First, when buying orchids, you should choose the larger ones. Large orchids are more easily adapted to the home environment. When buying orchids, you should prefer the ones that are not ripe yet, as well as those that have not yet opened.

If there are spots on the leaves, the orchid may be ill. You should check the condition of the leaves. Finally, if you have the opportunity to see the roots of dark roots should not prefer. Dark roots close to black are dead roots.

Where do Orchids Like?

The most suitable location for orchids is not directly in the sun but in a bright place. They usually like the eastern facades of houses. It can be positioned on the southern or western fronts with a curtain in between. If the leaves of the orchid are dark, this indicates that the orchid does not receive much sun.

Orchid Growing Tips

Soil Change in Orchid Care, Ambient Temperature and Irrigation

The room temperature is sufficient for 18 degrees orchids while at 23 degrees during the day. If the orchid likes its location, it will not be affected by fluctuations in room temperature.

Orchids need to be watered every 4 to 7 days. In the summer months, you may want to be watered with more intervals, while in the winter months, you may want to water more often. The soil should be slightly damp.

You should also use a well-drained flowerpot with plenty of air space between them. If you use a poorly drained flowerpot, it will rot in the water and cause death. You can also use garden soil or potting soil. You must use special orchid soil. These orchid soils also have special fertilizer ones.

You should do the irrigation by immersing your orchid in a bowl full of water or draining the water under the tap and draining the water. Orchids like the moist environment. You can spray water during the day to give the necessary moisture.

For the orchids to blossom again to bloom, the room temperature should be 2-3 weeks in an environment below 16 degrees. During this time, you should spray the water gently with spray at night.

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