How to trick the hormones that cause obesity

In addition to a sedentary lifestyle and sweets, hormones may be to blame for weight gain. If you are on a protein diet for more than a month and your weight remains unchanged or even increases, this may be due to elevated estrogen levels. We talk about hormones that may prevent you on the way to the body of your dreams.

1- Lack of serotonin

Lack of serotonin

In many cases, the main cause of depression and low mood is a severe lack of serotonin. The lack of this hormone changes human food preferences. If you want to eat a ton of chocolate at a time, and in a dream, you see a mountain of potato chips, then your body simply screams about the absence of the “joy hormone”.

Natural sources of serotonin are eggs, nuts, and pineapples.

2- Excess estrogen

Excess estrogen

As the level of estrogen increases, you will gain weight regardless of the amount of food consumed. Extra pounds accumulate mainly in the hips. The menstrual cycle becomes irregular, headaches and excessive emotionality appear. Too much estrogen can cause hair loss and memory and sleep deterioration.

The accumulation of estrogen contributes to meat produced in an industrial environment using growth hormones. To eliminate the “extra” estrogen from the body, consume less meat and replace it with vegetables. Flaxseed, oats, apples, and pears reduce the negative effects of excess estrogen on the body. Rosemary essential oil helps to restore hormonal balance and improves memory.

3- Excess ghrelin

Excess estrogen

Ghrelin is a hormone that controls hunger. It’s easy to fool him. To do this, you need to eat foods that stretch the stomach walls: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and seeds. This food causes a hormonal reaction, and you feel full. Eliminate sugar from the diet – it is high-calorie, while the level of ghrelin remains the same, and soon after you have eaten a bun, you will again feel hungry.

Sleep and lack of stress are the best helpers in the fight against high levels of ghrelin. After 6-8 hours of sleep, the content of this hormone in the blood decreases.

4- Excess testosterone

Excess testosterone

Testosterone is considered a male hormone, but it plays an important role in the female body. The excess of this hormone in women contributes to weight gain, while fat is deposited in the upper third of the body, in the arms, chest, and neck.

You can lower testosterone levels with natural remedies. You will be helped by eating beans, coffee, and cereals. Replace sweets with dates, apples, and apricots: they reduce the production of androgenic hormones.

5- Excess neuropeptide

Excess neuropeptide

With a high content of neuropeptide Y in the blood, you will have a brutal appetite. This hormone is the main culprit in obesity. In addition, real emotional storms occur in the body: anxiety, irritability, and headaches occur. Among other things, there is increased sweating, pigment spots appear, blood pressure rises. Avoid foods rich in sugar. Spices are also contraindicated because they cause appetite.

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