Risk of Sugar

Risks of Sugar

Added sugar is a term used for food and beverages that does not naturally come with the amount of sugar added to it. In modern day society; added sugar is almost in anything that we reach out to.

The reason why you should avoid diets with added sugar is because it feeds you unhealthy calories of no nutrients that you can positively gain from. Infact: these pose a great risk for your health. Some of the possible outcomes are as the following.

How added sugar makes you ill

  • Excessive weight gain: excessive sugar consumption is damaging to your metabolism and easily leads to excessive weight gain which obstructs the shape and vitality of the body. Experts warn that excessive weight will trigger premature aging.
  • Diabetes illnesses: added sugar in your diet promotes diabetes type 1 + 2, obesity and the many bad health conditions related to these.
  • Heart diseases: our sugar packed diets and lifestyles are the major invitation to heart diseases. It’s linked closely to our diet.
  • Liver problems: fructose found in added sugar can only be processed through the liver and often times; the liver is being overloaded. This will turn the liver more fatty and slowly but surely harm its functionality.
  • Depletes the body of vital components: in order to process added sugar which holds no value such as no fiber, no minerals, no proteins, no fats, no enzymes, but only empty calories. As it is empty in nutrients, it instead borrows vital nutrients from elsewhere in the body to help process this excessive substance. Especially our bones have been proved to be stripped off of vital vitamins and much more. Also our teeth’s defence is greatly affected.

Food & beverages to avoid

Almost any food and beverage contain excessive amounts of sugar and other unhealthy substances that far exceeds our daily needs. Just to give you an idea of how easy it is to go overboard with the sugar intake; I have made a small list for you.

Food beverages to avoid

  • Coca-Cola and Fanta orange stores 25 cubes of sugar in a half liter.
  • A 216 grams’ worth of a Smarties candy bag stores 68 cubes of sugar.
  • A Kinder Egg stores 5 cubes of sugar per. egg.
  • 72 grams of Twister ice cream stores 6 cubes of added sugar.
  • A single tablespoon of ketchup has 4 grams of sugar in it. This is the same as a teaspoon sugar.
  • An 85 gram Twix XTra contains no less than 19 and a half sugar cubes.

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