For graduation heeled shoes

Shoes That Will Be Perfect With Your Graduation Gown

Your graduation is very important and you should look like the beautiful warrior who fought for many years to earn her title. However, gowns and caps do not make us look anything. Our look is based only on hair, makeup, and shoes. That’s why it’s important that you make an appointment in your favorite beauty salon and get some dream shoes.

New black patent-leather shoes, that is, well-groomed, will make you look spectacular. They are also perfect in case you do not know what color your toga will be, because it combines with almost everything.

Best graduation gown shoes

If you do not want to look so simple, you can find black heels with details of gold or rhinestones. Just try that the detail is metallic and not plastic because you could fall into the vulgar.

For graduation heeled shoes

Graduation Gown shoes

The red heels also reflect elegance, not to mention that their color is very striking and will stand out from your “cap and gown” outfit …

Graduation Gown shoes

… there are also discovered red shoes that will look great and that you can combine with the short and light dress that you will wear under your toga.

Graduation Gown shoes list

Or what better than black or red shoes? Well, ombre heels that combine both colors in an original way. There is no doubt that with them you will impress everyone present.

Red Graduation Gown shoes 3

If you like fashion despite the type of event and feel that rose gold heels will do well to your graduation look Take them! In Legally Blonde we already learned that fashion is not fought with the studio.

Rose Gold Heels

But if you’re a super fan of the extravagant and stylish, you can exaggerate your style even more with open shoes with rhinestones that sparkle throughout the auditorium.

Graduation Gown shoes

Highlighting your shoes will not be a problem if you wear some colors.Although you should be careful that colors are more neutral than flashy.Because if you wear fluorescent yellows you will look bad.

Graduation Gown shoes

If you do not want to use such striking colors, look for some heels in pastel shades. They give the same effect and they look less exaggerated.

Soft blue graduation shoes

The velvet or velvet has positioned itself as an elegant style in the shoes (of course, if you know how to clean and care). Preferably look for shady ones such as navy blue, cherry, emerald, and so on.

Blue graduation shoes

The best way to combine the discreet with the striking is with golden open shoes. The gold will attract attention and since they are open, the color will be very little noticed. It is a perfect balance.

Golden open shoes

If you fear that a shoe gets stuck with your toga or stays in the forum, you have the option of wearing a lace-up heels. These fit perfectly to your ankles and high will keep you from spitting.

Heeled shoes

Remember that you are the one celebrated that day and if you want to wear some very cool, exaggerated heels, from a fairy tale, take them! You are the queen that day and you deserve to look like that.

Rose gold heeled shoes

It is highly recommended to wear heels with your toga because if they left you too long you can get stuck with your feet. If it gives you a lot of nerve that you’re going to fall, try some boots or wide heels! Do not stop looking elegant.

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