2019-2020 Nail Art Trends

The most fashionable manicure 2019-2020: top new manicure, trends

What could be more relevant and in demand among lovely ladies than a fashionable manicure that flaunts day after day on the fingers of women of all ages? Regardless of your preferences, the weather outside the window, mood, and activity – each young lady will find her perfect and, most importantly, the most fashionable manicure in the season 2019-2020.

And in this, of course, we will try to help you, having collected in our fashionable photo review the top manicure novelties in fresh nail art techniques from leading experts.

In this review you can find not only fresh ideas of manicure for every taste but also learn the trends of seasonal manicure, see fashionable nail designs for different types of plates and the most recent nail design for every taste in the upcoming season 2019-2020.

In the trend of the new season, there are also well-known nail technicians – french, gradient, solid color manicure with a matte solution, broken glass, cat eye, and marble nail design.

Along with the so-called classic nail designs, more recent approaches to creating the most fashionable manicure are also reflected. This will be fashionable nail design with faces and eyes, what is called “eye see you”, non-trivial minimalism, “negative space”, as well as a combined manicure and design.

The latter, if not strange, is a trend among the new-fashioned solutions for nail design 2019-2020, allowing you to create not boring, bold, new and always bright nail designs for admirers of all that is beautiful.

For beginners of nail art, trendy nail design using the stamping technique, manicure sticker slider, as well as mega-fashioned minimalism, which is gaining momentum and is always relevant for its unpretentious nail design, will come to the rescue.

Pros can also show all their skills in nail painting on nails, fulfilling landscapes, city panoramas, portraits, flower motifs and other gorgeous patterns on nails, from which it is impossible to look away, considering the most fashionable manicure 2019-2020.

Examples of fashionable manicure 2019-2020 for a thematic image, such as a fashionable manicure for Halloween, nail design for Valentine’s Day, a graduation manicure, a wedding manicure or a fashionable New Year manicure may seem funny and unusually spectacular.

It is also important to use only the current means of decorating nails, which today are beautiful rhinestones and bouillons, Yuki flakes, pixie crystal chips.

The fashionable design of nails with foil is beautiful in all its variety – translated, compressed, pieces.

Whichever manicure you want to perform – festive and elegant, casual and concise, calm and restrained, romantic and delicate – you can find every type of nail art in our photo collection of the most fashionable manicure.

Further, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with all the trends and trends in fashion manicure 2019-2020, which will be the best addition to your images today.

The most fashionable manicure in top nail techniques
When deciding on the new-fashioned design of the nails of 2019-2020, you should first choose the technique that you like and help you implement the most fashionable design on your fingers. What will be the top technology in the upcoming season – see below …

Interesting fashion manicure with inscriptions
Cute or bold inscriptions, words, letters will help decorate one of the most spectacular nail designs to date. Slogans and mottos, declarations of love and thematic inscriptions will become the trend of manicure in the fashionable performance of the season 2019-2020. Brightness and memorable image with a manicure with words and inscriptions you provided!

2019 Nail Art Trends

Trend “eye see you” manicure
Faces, portraits, and eyes painted on a plate have become a novelty and fashionable trend in the design of nail tips. Amazing fashionable manicure “eye see you” will be an amazing solution for thin and extraordinary personalities, allowing you to express yourself with the help of trendy nail designs.

Fashionable manicure with holes
The trend retains a trendy manicure with holes, demonstrating new solutions for decorating the holes with a metallic effect, colored lacquer, leaving transparent in the style of “negative space”. Moon manicure will provide you with a long-lasting beautiful effect on the nails, which is also appropriate for the regrown nails.

Fashionable Ombre Manicure
Wishing to surprise the young ladies with fresh ideas of manicure, the leading masters propose to perform the new-fashioned ombre in new and bold solutions, which will make it possible to create a dissimilar manicure with no other gradient. Also at the peak of popularity will be the linear ombre, the combined ombre manicure with many other top designs of the season.

Rhinestone Nail Design
Need a trendy manicure for the evening? Rhinestones will be the best choice for bright nail design in a chic solution. Put rhinestones in the form of a crown, cover the holes,


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