The Most Wanted Tattoos For Couples

The Most Wanted Tattoos For Couples

There are many ways to say “I love you”. Although undoubtedly one of the most ideal options for couples is when they tattoo their love. 

Thus they have become an alternative to traditional wedding engagement rings by tattooing a ring, an initial or a special drawing for both.

For all this, no wonder that many celebrities have joined this new trend of tattoos in pairs. Famous people we already know that you feel a special weakness for tattoos, but if you add that to their partners, they do not hesitate to become a new one. Initials and dates in Roman numerals are the most successful couple tattoos, especially in the area of ​​the wrist, and more on the fingers.

Tattoo ideas for couples: Date

Anyway, if you want to make the same tattoo with your partner try to be something that inspires memories and emotions through small symbols, phrases or images. The area where you get the tattoo is also important, and we anticipate that where it is most fashionable is in fingers and hands, and even doll.

Tattoo ideas for couples: wedding

 Tattoo ideas for couples: heart Tattoo ideas for couples sweety
Tattoo ideas for couples: birds

Tattoo ideas for couples: feets

We declare ourselves very fond of tattoos, that’s why we think it’s the best idea for you to declare that unconditional love to your partner. Choose together the meaning of your tattoo because you will always be tattooed with it. And we do not emphasize that you choose well because it will hurt more or less, but because forever mark your skin with ink requires a commitment to the height of a “yes, I want.”

mr. mrs. tattoo

 home tattoo skull tattoo   Tattoo ideas for couples: endless
 Tattoo ideas for couples: crown

Before you get a tattoo think about it, because getting a tattoo with your partner is not nonsense. Search the design well through places, photos or phrases that represent your relationship, and therefore have a meaning. In this way, it will be easier for you to find something that represents you. Think of the most original tattoos so they have a meaning for both. It is important that every time you look at the tattoo you see a picture of both, of your relationship. Find the one that most inspires you so that you can share your tattoo of lovers with your partner. Some of the most popular are these:


keys tattoo

Small tattoos: many couples prefer tattoos to be small, simple and more intimate. The small tattoos are ideal for this type of lovers who prefer to seal their love with small details on their skin. The initials of both, the infinity symbol, arrows or some abbreviation can be a good option to make the same tattoo together. Many couples prefer it because they are not so fond of tattoos and prefer something small for day to day.

mickey mouse mrs mr tattoo

Names tattoos

heart tattoo

Tattoos of hearts: it is the tattoo queen par excellence. In addition, they are one of the most common and most chosen by couples, since it represents the symbol of union between both. Many of these hearts we usually see in the hands, especially in the fingers. Even some hearts carry rings around them that represent the love of both.

rings tattoo

Tattoos by halves: these are some of the most original, and perhaps an expression of showing your love with a little humor. The tattoos by halves have a common point, without the two pieces the concept is not understood. It is a way of showing that both parties are necessary to close the lock of your love. There are some very originals like pizza and cheese, sun and moon, two split wings…

Tattoo ideas for couples: triangleTattoo ideas for couples: ying-yang

Phrase Tattoos: Of course, you can not miss the romantic phrases that you can write yourself or take from a book that shares some meaning with both.

xo tattoo

Tattoos with padlock or key: Also they could not miss the tattoos with padlocks. Thus, each key and padlock are symbols that represent a way to seal love with your partner. Many bridges in the world are full of the padlock with the initials and dates of couples who have wanted to seal their love forever in them.

Tattoo ideas for couples: deer Colors tattoo Birds tattoos

Tattoos with dates: the day you met, the date of your wedding, the birth of one of your children, your first kiss … There are many dates that could mark a before and after in your relationship. Many couples choose this type of tattoos with Roman numerals to tattoo these dates with meaning in their skins. Also, they are intimate numbers and you can only share together.

A source of inspiration that brings together all these types of tattoos is, without a doubt, Pinterest. I already said a saying that sharing is living, that’s why we want to do it with you, and we have chosen the most romantic designs. More than 60 photos with ideal tattoo design to seal your love. We recommend that you use a fine and italic font, they are more elegant and look great on all skins. Sit with a coffee with your partner as this may interest you, and a lot. Go with the same tattoo, and share a special moment is unique that only two lovers will understand.

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