How to eat spotless pomegranate?

Tips for Opening a Spotless Pomegranate

These three instructions show you step by step how to open and pare your pomegranate – without the mess. Open pomegranate: With these 3 tricks it works spotless…

Pomegranates have long been traded as superfoods. Allegedly they should protect the vessels and even relieve menopausal symptoms. That’s not proven. But what is certain: pomegranates contain many valuable antioxidants. And they counteract early skin aging. Ergo: Pomegranates keep the skin young. By the way, the red kernels also taste delicious.

How to eat spotless pomegranate?

The problem: opening the pomegranate can quickly lead to an unwanted “bloodbath.” To save you from this, you should never completely cut the pomegranate, but always carve the shell carefully. Then you can open and corer the pomegranate in different ways. Here are the 3 best tricks:

1- Pomegranate open with a spoon

Granted, the knocking method is pretty brute, but it works great. At the same time, you can break down aggressions when opening your pomegranate. All you need is:

  • Pomegranate (should have room temperature)
  • cutting board
  • Bread knife (best with saw cutting)
  • Spoon (no matter if metal or wood)
  • Pot or bucket

Pomegranate open with a spoon

That’s how it’s done:
1. Preparation: Knead the pomegranate a little by rolling it back and forth on the chopping board and gently massaging it from the outside with the palm of your hand. This makes the pomegranate smoother and easier to work with.

2. Cut horizontally: Cuts the outer shell of the pomegranate a few millimeters wide – once entirely around the central horizontal axis, i.e., around the widest point. If you do it very carefully and do not cut so deeply, no juice spouts out.

3. Break apart halves: The indicated cut is the breaking point of your pomegranate. Grab your two thumbs and push the halves apart to open your pomegranate.

4. Tap pomegranate: Hold one of the pomegranate halves, fruit side down, over your pot or bucket. With the underside of the spoon, you knock now the outer shell. As a result, the pomegranate seeds dissolve and fall into the container below.

Tip: Do not fight directly with all force on the pomegranate. Excessive impacts may cause the cores to burst and break. This looks unappetizing, and the pomegranate juice makes nasty stains on wood and clothes.

5. Remove remaining cores: If there are still cores in the case and do not want to come out, you spread and press the pomegranate a little bit from the outside and then knock again with the spoon on it. Now all pomegranate seeds should dissolve out.

Repeat the whole thing with the other half of the pomegranate. To core the whole pomegranate, you need at most half a minute.

Tip: Use pomegranate stoners

Pomegranate stoners

With a special pomegranate stoner, you can open your pomegranate even more gently or clean. The silicone hood, under which you put the pomegranate, bounces your blows off a bit.

A sieve is already included. This helps to remove the white inner skins, some of which still stick to the pomegranate seeds. The skins taste bitter and are inedible.

If you do not want to spin the skins with your fingers, you can use our second method to open your pomegranate.

2- Pomegranate open underwater

The water method takes a little longer, but you can open your pomegranate so that the white spaces go directly with and you prevent a mess. You need:

  • pomegranate
  • cutting board
  • Knife (as sharp as possible)
  • Bowl of cold water
  • Strainer or spoon

That’s how it’s done:
1. Cut off the ends: First, use a sharp knife to cut off the horizontal top and bottom edges (flower and stem) of your pomegranate – but only 1 cm wide.

2. Cut out the stalk: Where the crown of your pomegranate was before, you can now see the white stalk at the top opening. Cut a rectangle around it and break the stalk out. So you can break the pomegranate later easier and reduces the risk of splashing.

3. Cut vertically: In reverse to the first method, cut the shell of your pomegranate vertically. Orient yourself on the course of the white inner skins and scratch the outer shell right where the dividing walls are inside. Please do not cut into the seeds.

4. Open underwater: Pour the pomegranate into a bowl of cold water and break the quarter or sixth along the vertical lines. By peeling the pomegranate under water, you do not need to worry about possible juice splashes.

5. Loosen the seeds in the water: If you rub a little at the pomegranate pieces, the kernels will come loose and sink to the bottom of the bowl. The white skin remains to collect on the water surface.

6. Skinning skins: The inedible inner skins are scooped merely off with a sieve or spoon. They end up in the garbage together with the fished outer shell. What remains are the juicy pomegranate seeds.

Tip: Quietly combine the first and second methods, preferably together with the practical pomegranate stoneware. Just fill the pot with tap water, knock the seeds in and then sift off the skin – ready.

3- Pomegranate juice with the lemon squeezer

If you do not want the pomegranate seeds, just the sweet juice, you can make it even easier. What you need to juicing your pomegranate, you can read here:

  • Pomegranate (preferably a bit older)
  • cutting board
  • knife
  • citrus press

That’s how it’s done:
1. Halve pomegranate: Divide your pomegranate in half with a knife. Be sure to use a chopping board as the red juice can leave stains on your table. However, divided pomegranate seeds are not a problem with this variant, as it does not need the seeds anyway intact.

2. Squeeze the pomegranate: You can now juice the pomegranate halves just like a lemon in the lemon squeezer. A potato or spaetzle press can also be converted. Since the pressing of your pomegranate can be quite a tangy affair, you should wear a cooking apron for protection.

Tip: Once it has happened and a splash of pomegranate juice has landed on the white shirt, treat it with gall soap or a mixture of salt and lemon juice. Let the mixture work for half an hour. So your chances are good that your clothes leave the subsequent wash cycle in the machine spotless.

Especially easy and effective: use juicer

Pomegranate juice

Do you often like to drink pomegranate juice or do you need to squeeze out rough amounts of pomegranates for your Tequila Sunrise (with fresh pomegranate instead of grenadine)? Then a professional juicer could be worthwhile.

Leverage makes it a lot easier for you to do the job – and you reduce the risk of spilling from top to bottom while juicing your pomegranate.

A relatively cheap orange juice press that you can also use to juicing pomegranates or lemons.

Finally: tips to buy pomegranate
The older your pomegranate is, the sweeter it tastes. Therefore, do not be confused by a rough and shriveled outer shell when buying. The interior is usually particularly juicy and productive.

If, on the other hand, the pomegranate has soft spots on the outside, you should keep your hands off it, as this indicates a foul inner life.

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