Benefits of hot scissors

What is Hot Scissors?

Split ends and brittle tips are a thing of the past. That’s what the Care Cut promises with its hot pair of scissors. We tested it for you.

Long, well-groomed hair without split ends. Which woman does not want that? With all the hair styling tools and environmental factors that our hair has to withstand. A healthy and well-groomed mane despite curling iron, hairspray and Co. promises the cut with the hot scissors. With this cutting concept, the hair tips are cut very gently with an electrically heated pair of scissors. The regular use should lead to permanent split-free and strong hair. We tested the Care Cut at Coiffina in Jelmoli for you.

How does the hot scissors work?

“Frizzy” is just the first name of my tips. That’s why I was all the more pleased to test the Care Cut. Daniela, my coiffeur, and hairdresser of Coiffina, explains to me that the scissors, which become hot at the cutting surface at 110 to 140 degrees, liquefy the keratin in the hair to a honey-like consistency and, by curing, directly seal the hair’s interface.

By closing the hair tips, the hair stays healthy and well-groomed longer, until ideally, after six to eight weeks, I can have my tips cut again. In the long run, the hair becomes voluminous and resistant, as the hair tips are sealed again with every cut. Sounds promising.

Daniela emphasizes that the technique is particularly suitable for very fine hair like mine, as it builds up the hair. A nurturing effect should be noticeable after the first cut. However, the hair becomes fuller and more split-free after some care-cut cuts, as the nourishing effect is anabolic.

Before and after the Carecut
Before and after the Carecut

How does the Care Cut work?

Well then get to the scissors. But first, as the Care Cut differs from normal haircuts, the hair is smoothed out. Then it starts with the hot scissors, which you can adjust depending on the hair type on 3 different heat levels. The thicker the hair, the higher the level. My thin hair is cut to level 1.

Visually, the hot pair of scissors resembles ordinary hairdressing scissors. The only difference: The scissors connected to a cable has a rubber lining so that the handle does not get too warm.

Benefits of hot scissors

How do the hot scissors feel?

I did not notice the heat during the cutting. I expected the heat to steam my hair, but it was not. The cutting itself is no different than a normal lace cut. After the cut, my hair was washed and blown.

Is the Care Cut worth it?

My hair feels pleasantly soft and no longer as straw-like as before the procedure. This is also noticeable in the optics. Even after a few days and washes, my hair feels like fresh from the hairdresser. In order for a lasting effect to occur, I would have to continue testing the care cut in any case.

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