What your type of lingerie says about you?

Do you think that your lingerie says nothing about you? You choose your lingerie on a whim because you like the color or the patterns, the material and you believe it has nothing to do with who you are or what you think? Think again, the lingerie you buy, that you wear says a lot about you!Ultra-conditioned choices!
Do not think that the choices you make in life are not conditioned, that they depend on nothing and that you do it on a whim. What you like, the choices you make are conditioned to 100% by your personality, by the person you are, and it also works for the type of lingerie that you decide to choose or wear!

The different types of lingerie!

1- boy shorts

Boxer for women
If you like boy shorts, that probably means that you are a sporty girl, but that means a lot more. That means you’re very sexy in that boy’s outfit. You are the kind of girl who dresses for herself, for comfort and not for others, for another person. Happiness is your priority!

2- The tanga

Thong panties
The tanga is sexy, and the tanga is provoking! If you wear tanga, it probably means that you are a sexy woman, but you can also be a very intimidating person. You are a fierce person, and your friends always seek your help on all levels because you are good advice and you still believe in yourself.

3- The string
You are a woman who likes contact with men, and besides, you have many more friends men than women because the women do not get along with you! Your friends also call you the “Queen of the Party”!

4- Underpants
The underpants or french knickers according to the English is both comfortable and sexy. You can be calm and shy but never docile. You do not like running behind others to make new friends. You are faithful whether in friendship as in love. Your friends can count on you when they need you!

5- The panties of grandma

relax panties
It is the base for all women especially for comfort, but it is not super sexy especially for men! You prefer comfort first, and you do not pay attention to what others think of your choices, besides they do not see them. You are an original person, a little apart and you are cool with that. You never complicate your life.

6- The commando
You do not care about things as futile as underwear because you live without! You have solutions to everything, and you can solve everything with just a little magic wand a little like the good fairy of Cinderella. You live your life with passion, and you find the endless beauty in everything, you are a unique person.

7- The bikini

wear bikinis
If you wear bikinis all year long, it’s because you secretly dream of living on a sandy beach and want to vacation, to escape. You want to let go. You want to dance in music festivals, but you hate to take part in the chatter at the office. You like to stay away from things.

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