Wonderful decoration ideas with just rope and tape

I’m sure you’ll love these beautiful creative ideas that you can apply to your home with tapes and ropes that you can easily supply!

The aesthetic and different touches to the doors.

Decorative ideas for door 1

If you wish, you can obtain simple but effective results with strips of different thickness and colors, which you can cut in different shapes.

Decorative doors

If you want to get more practical and short results; Proceed with a pencil in the shape you want to make, then lightly over with tapes.

Your comic book taste is reflected on the walls of your home!

Comic Book Wall Design

Moreover, the materials you need for this method; some nails, tape, and rope in the color of your choice!

Comic Book Heros on the Wall

First of all, you like to draw or print the symbol according to the size you want to draw and print and damage the wall paint with a tape after fixing the text on the wall around the nails.

To create an outline of the writing, create a shape with a band that will not harm your wall paint, then create a border by pointing a nail to the sharp corners.

From this point on, it needs some attention and care

Wall decoration ideas

Before starting the winding process, set a starting point in the corner of the first letter and insert a small knot around the nail. Then wrap the rope around one of the nails where you create the boundary and apply the same operation in clockwise order to all nails. (first the nail around one of the letters and then the nail on the border.)

In order not to have a complex image here, you need to pay attention to; The process is always in the same direction.

Or, in a way that is easier to make, you can combine your taste with a favorite phrase.

wall colorful text idea

The reason this method is more practical than the other is that after you create your writing with nails, you can apply the winding process around the letter as you wish without having to pay attention to the direction!

colorful text idea on the wall

You can also make a colorful design like this one.

You can prepare the photo frame according to your taste

Make photo frame with bandsPhoto Frame DIY

All you need is colorful tapes and a little creativity!

With the help of colored bands, you can give the radiators a fun look.

Colored radiators

Paste the patterned strips, which you can easily find from almost anywhere, into the space of the combs in strips. The energy of your home will change instantly!

We put an end to the boring and ordinary appearance of the washing machine and refrigerator!

With bands you cut in the form of strips or round you can convert the boring images of your belongings into fun.washing machine decoration

You don’t need wallpapers for an aesthetic and a different look!

Wall design ideas Wall decoration

Paste the bands of any color and shape on any surface.¬†Doesn’t it look great?

Dispose of juice and milk bottles and make a difference with the flowers you want to dry.

with rope and bottles decoration

After wrapping the linen rope so that it covers the mouth of the bottles, hang it firmly and tightly several times and hang it in a corner of your house and place the flowers in it.

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